Contact Your Legislators

Take action to push the PASS Act through the General Assembly! Pennsylvania state legislators can be greatly influenced by constituents who contact them. You may connect with your legislators in several ways. What’s important is that you do, and do so in a constructive and informed way. Your actions today will have a direct impact on the passage of a meaningful anti-bullying law in PA.

The PASS Act is currently in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. We are contacting our legislators to ask for their support in voting for the legislation when it would be on the House floor.

CALL Your Legislator

You can call your legislator’s offices in Harrisburg and in the district. While usually brief, your legislator’s staff take notes of how many calls they receive in support of an issue. Here is a sample script:

Legislative Assistant: Hello, Rep. Ellis’ office, how can I help you?

You: Hello! My name is ____________ and I am a constituent from _________. How are you today?

Legislative Assistant: Great. How can I help you today?

You: I am calling to ask for Rep. Ellis’ support as a co-sponsor for Rep. Truitt’s legislation, House Bill 156, the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act.

Pennsylvania has one of the weakest safe schools policies in the nation as our school districts do not have the guidance to effectively report and support students, educators, or administrators in incidents of bullying. This bill would update our policy to make it effective.

Please, on behalf of students in our district, I’m calling to encourage Rep.  Ellis to become a co-sponsor of Rep. Truitt’s HB 156.

Thank you!

Legislative Assistant: Thank you for your call. I will pass on your concerns to Rep. Ellis. Have a nice day.

WRITE to Your Legislator

Personal letters to your state legislators can greatly impact a legislator’s understanding of an issue. In writing a legislator, either by email or a mailed letter, it is very important to be clear in your message.

  • Introduce yourself and state you are a constituent
  • Briefly write about the importance of addressing bullying and school violence in Pennsylvania
  • Establish the PASS Act as critical in creating safer schools
  • Share a personal story about why this issue is important to you and your community
  • Thank the legislator for reading your letter and provide an opportunity for follow-up (i.e. I look forward to your response)
We also have an accessible action tool that you may use to identify and send a pre-drafted message of support to your state legislators. Please click below to be directed to the PASS Act Actionbase website.

MEET Your Legislator

Having an in-person meeting with your state legislator can be an incredibly effective way to influence their decision on supporting the PASS Act. You help put a voice and person behind the issue, and can explain in detail the importance of the PASS Act and the issue of school bullying. You are welcome to contact us using the online form under the Take Action! tab to connect on setting up a meeting with your legislator.