The Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act

The Pennsylvania Safe Schools (PASS) Act is proposed legislation to make our commonwealth’s schools safer for all students. Pennsylvania’s school code provides one of the weakest policies in the nation on bullying and harassment in public schools. The PASS Act would give guidance to school districts on bullying, including definitions, reporting, and prevention. Students, teachers, and administrators are currently left without essential violence protections or resources. This legislation was produced independently by Pennsylvania students working with legislators and education stakeholders in 2011 and is currently being advocated for in Harrisburg.

Please help us make Pennsylvania schools safer for all students

The PASS Act will:

  • Provide prevention and remediation tools for all school staff on incidents of bullying;
  • Establish a secure and clear way to report bullying;
  • Invite parents and the community to support the adoption of safe schools policies;
  • Define these protections so students are protected regardless of who they are.